> He then decided to come to Los Angeles to go to school at the Recording Connection Audio Institute to get his degree in Sound engineering. He is proficient in Protools, Logic Pro, Waves, Auto Tune, Melodyne, Drums replacement, beat detective and others.

> He has been working from his home studio as well as working with The OC Recording Company studio in Orange County. Where he has also worked as a session musician as well. 

Alex loves to work with new upcoming artist looking to develop their sound and also experienced artists who know exactly what they are looking for. He loves music and is passionate about making everything the best it can possibly be. Ready and willing to dive into any musical adventure! 



Alex Rivas ''Gallego''


  Alex Rivas (Gallego) is a  Professional musician, producer and sound engineer. He has played and produced all genres of music including but not limited to Jazz, country, rock, pop, EDM, Cuban salsa, Spanish, and folk. He professionally plays piano, bass and guitar.  He has played and composed music his entire life. He has experience in every aspect of music from creating the melody, writing lyrics to recording, Mixing, mastering and playing live!


A little bit more about Alex Rivas 

> Alex was born and raised in Cuba where he attended music school at early age of 8 years old. Later he received his BACHELOR DEGREE in musical education from ISP Jose de la Luz y Caballero. Teaching hundreds of students and specializing in jazz, classic and Salsa music. 

> Alex was then able to go to Europe ‘‘Spain’’ on a musical contract to tour in over 7 different countries playing all genres of music for a variety show band 

> While in Spain he started his own home studio where he worked with big and small acts from all over Spain. While being a full time musician and musical director for a famous nightclub in Murcia Spain ‘’La Puerta Falsa’’ 

> He was then offered a One year contract in Miami with Country Rock Entertainment. He was the musical director for the Moonshine Molly’s Band playing three times a week and also the sound engineer for all live entertainment in the club.

> While there he continued recording at his home for the country band the Shane Duncan Band and Chevi Taylor. He also recorded a lot of Latin, reggae and pop songs as well in his studio.



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